“Understanding the determinants of risk and prognosis of molecular breast cancer subtypes”.
Breast CAncer STratification

WP8: Capacity development for personalised breast cancer prevention

Lead: PHG – PHG foundation
WP leader: Hilary Burton

WP8 will explore the practical incorporation of the developed risk prediction tools into public health and health care systems; aiming to promote the development and integration of personalised breast cancer prevention within national public health programmes in Europe. An important role of WP8 is the creation of awareness, and dissemination of findings to relevant stakeholders.


  1. To describe the current landscape of breast cancer prevention within health promotion/disease prevention programmes.
  2. To investigate the inclusion of personalised breast cancer (and other chronic disease) prevention within the discourse of public health and policymakers.
  3. To undertake a Force Field analysis of the factors that will influence implementation of personalised breast cancer prevention.
  4. To develop a strategy aimed at public health professionals and policy makers to support integration of personalized prevention for breast cancer in health promotion and disease prevention programmes.