“Understanding the determinants of risk and prognosis of molecular breast cancer subtypes”.
Breast CAncer STratification

WP7: Risk and prognostication tools

Lead: UCAM – University of Cambridge
WP leader: Antonis Antoniou

WP7 will develop user-friendly online tools that implement the models developed in WP5 and validated in WP6, which may be used to obtain personalized estimates of risk and prognosis. The implementations will build on the successful BOADICEA and PREDICT models that provide flexible platforms for developing the tools. WP7 will be responsible for the programming work to expand and improve the web based interfaces of these platforms. We will create tablet-friendly formats, and translate and adapt these tools in a few languages so that they become easier to use throughout Europe, and suit the clinical practices in different European countries.


  1. To develop a health-professional and public user-friendly web tool that will enable the easy use of the breast cancer subtype-specific risk prediction model.
  2. To develop a web tool that will implement the prognosis model and will enable health professionals and the public to obtain easily personalized probabilities of surviving after a breast cancer diagnosis.
  3. To translate and adapt these tools in additional languages/countries so that they become easier to use throughout Europe.