“Understanding the determinants of risk and prognosis of molecular breast cancer subtypes”.
Breast CAncer STratification

WP4: Risk factors and data integration

Lead: DKFZ – German Cancer Research Center
WP leader: Jenny Chang-Claude

WP4 will collect and harmonise data on risk factors for breast cancer from participating studies. This builds upon previous work performed in BCAC. In B-CAST we will expand the data collection to include data from new studies; obtain more detailed information on important factors such as modifiable lifestyle risk factors (overweight/obesity, alcohol consumption, physical activity and cigarette smoking); benign breast disease, and medication use including exogenous hormones (oral contraceptive pill and hormone replacement therapy); and comorbidity (e.g. diabetes); and harmonize data across studies/consortia. We will also obtain information on breast screening histories and mammographic density for a subset of studies. WP4 will also integrate data from multiple sources (genetic, lifestyle, density, clinical, molecular) and generate datasets for data analyses utilising a central data storage in order to make it accessible to B-CAST investigators working on data management and analyses from different institutions.


  1. To assemble, harmonise and manage data for environmental risk factors from participating studies.
  2. To develop tools and perform comprehensive measures of mammographic density.
  3. To collate and perform a quality control of germline genotype data.
  4. To integrate risk factor, clinical and molecular pathology data into a central BCAC/B-CAST database.