“Understanding the determinants of risk and prognosis of molecular breast cancer subtypes”.
Breast CAncer STratification

WP2: Clinical and molecular classification of tumours

Lead: UCAM – University of Cambridge
WP leader: Paul Pharaoh

The primary objective of WP2 is to classify breast cancer according into major clinical and molecular subtypes, and to obtain data on treatment and clinical outcomes. The primary responsibility of WP2, will be collating, cleaning and harmonising existing clinical, pathology, treatment and survival data from over 80,000 breast cancer patients, generate new data by performing immunohistochemistry  assays for a panel of 15 markers in tissue microarrays (TMAs) with tumour samples from a subset of over ~20,000 breast cancer patients. WP2 will also be responsible for developing and maintaining a repository of digital images for web-based visual scoring and image analysis. A combination of automated image analysis and visual scoring of stained will be used.  This work will build upon an existing database and TMA resource from BCAC currently including over TMAs from over 14,000 cases stained for 10 markers.


  1. To collate clinical data on breast cancer treatment and survival from participating studies.
  2. To classify ~80,000 tumours from women with breast cancer into subtypes using clinical data collated from participating studies.
  3. To classify a subset of ~20,000 breast tumours into major molecular subtypes using immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization applied to tissue microarrays (TMA).