“Understanding the determinants of risk and prognosis of molecular breast cancer subtypes”.
Breast CAncer STratification


MS NoWP NoTitleLead BeneficiaryDelivery DateStatus
MS1.1WP1Project management guidelines for project overall and WPsNKI AVL01/12/2015 √
MS1.2WP1Consortium Agreement adoptedNKI AVL01/12/2015 √
MS1.3WP1Data protection engineerNKI AVL01/03/2016 √
MS3.1WP3Sample flow between partners and optimization of the protocolsUSC01/03/2016 √
MS3.2WP3Tumour/DNA samples received at USCUSC01/03/2016 √
MS2.1WP2All annotated tissue microarray slides receivedUCAM01/09/2016 √
MS2.2WP2Selection and optimization of assays for 5 new IHC/ISH tumour markersUCAM01/09/2016 √
MS2.3WP2Access to repository of digital images through the webUCAM01/09/2016 √
MS1.4WP1Communication Plan adoptedNKI AVL01/03/2017 √
MS1.5WP1Access to central database computing facilityUCAM01/03/2017 √
MS3.3WP3Tumour DNA extractions completed and design of librariesUSC01/03/2017 √
MS4.1WP3Access to first version of integrated database and data description for analyses in WP5UCAM01/03/2017 √
MS2.4WP2Completion of staining and scoring of 15 IHC/ISH markers in tissue microarraysUCAM01/12/2017 √*
MS3.4WP3Targeted sequencing of tumour DNA samples completedCNAG01/12/2017
MS4.2WP4Access to updated version of integrated database and data dictionary for analyses in WP5UCAM01/12/2017 √
MS8.1WP8Literature review of current health promotion and disease prevention programmesPHG01/12/2017 √
MS3.5WP3Bioinformatic analyses completedCNAG01/09/2018 √
MS5.1WP5Results for risk factor and subtype analyses to inform risk model developmentUCAM01/09/2018 √
MS5.2WP5Results from analyses of tumour subtypes and prognosis to update PREDICTNKI AVL01/09/2018 √
MS8.2WP8International Force Field analysis workshopPHG01/09/2018 √
MS4.3WP4Access to integrated database and data dictionary for validation analyses in WP5UCAM01/06/2019 √
MS5.3WP5Final results from risk factor by subtype analysesICR01/03/2020
MS5.4WP5Final results from prognosis analysesUCAM01/03/2020
MS6.1WP6Integrated risk model completedKI01/03/2020
MS6.2WP6Expanded PREDICT model completedUCAM01/03/2020
MS7.1WP7Drafts of webpages for risk and prognostic tools that address the requirementsUCAM01/03/2020
MS7.2WP7Release of beta testing versions of the risk prediction and prognosis web toolsUCAM01/03/2020
MS8.3WP8Workshop for wider engagement and development of recommendationsPHG01/03/2020
MS7.3WP7Final release of web tools for use by the public and health professionalsUCAM01/09/2020