“Understanding the determinants of risk and prognosis of molecular breast cancer subtypes”.
Breast CAncer STratification


Del NoWP NoTitleLead BeneficiaryNatureDissemination LevelDelivery DateStatusDocumentation
D1.3WP1Kick-off meeting together with BRIDGESNKI AVLReportConfidential01/12/2015 √ –
D1.1WP1Website for internal and external communicationNKI AVLWebsites etc.Public01/03/2016 www.b-cast.eu
D3.1WP3List of genes in panel for targeted DNA sequencingVIBReportPublic01/03/2016 √ http://www.b-cast.eu/b-cast-gene-panel/
D2.1WP2List of 5 new IHC/ISH tumour markers to be stained in tissue microarraysUCAMReportConfidential01/09/2016 √ –
D4.1WP4Description of database for environmental risk factorsDKFZReportPublic01/09/2016 √D4.1_report
D4.2WP4Description of database for mammographic densityKIReportPublic01/09/2016 √ D4.2_report
D4.3WP4Description of genotyping databaseUCAMReportPublic01/03/2017 √ D4.3_report
D2.2WP2Description of clinical databaseNKI AVLReportConfidential01/12/2017 √
D2.3WP2Description of dataset with scores for the 15 IHC/ISH tumour markersUCAMReportConfidential01/12/2017 √*
D8.1WP8Report on current public health and policy discourses on personalised breast cancer preventionPHGReportPublic01/12/2017 √D8.1_report
D1.4WP1Mid-term meeting together with BRIDGESNKI AVLReportConfidential01/09/2018
D3.2WP3Genetic variants reportCNAGReportConfidential01/09/2018
D8.2WP8Report of International Force Field analysis workshop and identification of key areas for strategy developmentPHGReportPublic01/06/2019D8.2_report
D5.1WP5Integrated risk model for overall breast cancer and tumour subtypesICRReportConfidential01/03/2020
D5.2WP5D5.2 Updated PREDICT model for prognosticationUCAMReportConfidential01/03/2020
D6.1WP6D6.1 A report on the validation and comparison of risk prediction toolsKIReportConfidential01/03/2020
D6.2WP6D6.2 A report on the validation and comparison of prognostic toolsUCAMReportConfidential01/03/2020
D1.2WP1Final report on successfully performed communication, dissemination, exploitation activitiesNKI AVLReportPublic01/09/2020
D1.5WP1End-term meeting together with BRIDGESNKI AVLReportPublic01/09/2020
D7.1WP7D7.1 Web-tool (in English) that predicts overall breast cancer risk and the risks for breast cancer subtypesUCAMWebsites etc.Public01/09/2020
D7.2WP7Web-tool (in English) that predicts survival after a breast cancer diagnosisUCAMWebsite etc.Public01/09/2020
D7.3WP7Translated versions of the risk prediction and prognosis tools in other languagesUCAMWebsites etc.Public01/09/2020
D8.3WP8Final report on personalised breast cancer prevention aimed at public health professionals and policy makersPHGReportPublic01/09/2020